Conceptual Tower

A series of 7 models explores conceptual programs using differing geometries, materials and techniques. They incorporate found materials, a major and minor material and are all in a plan size of 250mm by 250mm. A different scale that has been assigned to each level, including the scales 1:1, 1:5, 1:10, 1:20, 1:50, 1:100 and 1:200. The purpose of the tower is to align, order and establish the specific relationships between the family of constructs.

Tower Breakdown


The purpose for the penthouse is to give the possibility of entertainment as well as providing privacy and a notion of exposure. The penthouse is at a scale of 1:20, with a guitar in a case in the center, walls made of glass for exposure. One of the walls is clouded, and the only access inside is through the trap door or through the small hole in the ceiling, providing the privacy tenants of penthouses sometimes seek.


The plant room represents a garden and a machine. Its purpose is to provide life support through the notion of filtering. Its scale is 1:100 which would make all the trees life-size. All the green is being filtered out of the room through the walls, slowly exposing the trees that are necessary for life support.


The belfries purpose is to represent the possibility of broadcasting, delivering sound and the notion of projection. The whistle at the center, attached to the balloon gives the ability to make sound. The scale is 1:1 and the crisscrossing sticks surrounding the balloon force only two small access points for making the sound. In the whole of the construct, the belfry is near the entrance for security, hence the conformity of the ability to enter.


The studios purpose is to create, giving the possibility of drawing and giving the notion of making. The easels that are spread around the room are placed in a circular position, along with the artwork placed on top of them, so the notion of making in a factory line setting is achieved.


The cryptis a construct with the purpose of storage and concealing along with the notion of density. The walls made from resin and a mould are thick in comparison to the 1:5 scale, which are then locked up with a lock and chain. All components make up the vault and chamber that can secure even the most precious things. The major material used here is resin as the minor material is the Perspex and crack filler.


The library’s purpose is to represent the possibility of reading as well as delivering fiction. The construct is made out of hardback books in a scale of 1:10. The stacks of books symbolize a library and imagination, while the arch door in the wall of the book represents the door through which fantasy can come. The major materials used are the books while the minor material is the timber pieces.


The base is the first model made for a future vertical array of constructs. It's purpose is to represent the possibility of entry, support and strength. Because I made the scale at 1:200 the whole thing represent a stadium. The spacing between the wood pieces and the stairs leading to the top symbolize entry, the inverted pyramid shows strength, and even though the material used by itself would be weak, together it can hold the rest of the tower. The two main materials used here are the small timber pieces and the minor material is the metal grate used as a fence.